Installing Monlam BodYig

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Installing Monlam BodyYig v.3 (Windows XP and Vista)

The "Monlam bodyig" installer is more than just the Monlam font. It has:

  • The many beautiful Monlam fonts.
  • A keyboard input program ("IME")
  • A helpful PDF file with more info.

How to install

Get Monlam BodYig V3


Double-click on the icon. You will see a beautiful installer interface, with icons to click on, and instructions in Tibetan. For those of us who may have an easier time with English(!), here is a summary (needs work, coming up):

First window:
 Windows    Macintosh
Second window:
  1st icon   vase: 
   Click here to: install monlam bodyig v.3 fonts
  2nd icon   globe/clock:
   This is for "usp10.dll" - you probably have it, and don't need to install this one.
   (I think it is for converting windows tools (math, calendar, maybe folder names) to tibetan)
           Vista icon
               dunno yet ...
           OR ...
           XP icon - "USP 10"
               usp10.dll comes with Windows Service packs, so you probably have it.
               You can search your computer, search for usp10.dll
               I found several on mine!
  3rd icon   keyboard      
           Installs keyboard input program.
           There are four choices:
               monlam (v1) / tcrc
               da ...
               hi yig
               monlam (v2) 
           (You can choose any or all)

Restart your computer

How to use


Many beautiful Tibetan fonts are now in your Control Panel -> Fonts. They should appear in font menus in all your programs. You should be able to see any Tibetan file now in BodYig.

Keyboard (IME)

  1. right-click on taskbar
  2. select Toolbars -> Language bar
  3. click on language bar
    1. -> Should show one or more tibetan keyboards (depending on what you selected when installed keyboard.
    2. Select one (monlam bodyig)(You can also do ctrl-shift to switch languages)

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