Tibetan Input Method for Mac OS-X

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Mac OS-X 10.5 support for Tibetan

Mac Tibetan keyboard: select System Preferences / Language & Text / Input Sources

Mac OS-X since version 10.5 supports different Tibetan keyboards including Wylie.

Please go to System Preferences / Language & Text / Input Sources to enable one of the following keyboards:

  • Tibetan Otani
  • Tibetan QWERTY
  • Tibetan Wylie
Mac Wylie keyboard

alternatively, or for older Mac OS-X versions, you can use:

Monlam BodYig package

The Monlam BodYig package includes a Mac OS-X installer. (The IME is described in the Windows section.) Download at http://lobsangmonlam.org/Product.html or from http://tibetangeeks.com/downloads/bodyig/Monlam_BodYig-v.3/

See: Installing Monlam BodYig

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